Name of character: Renly Baratheon

Faceclaim: Douglas Booth

Age: 200

Clan/Alliance: Baratheon


RENLY BARATHEON → baratheon clan → renlybbaratheon

douglas booth

Renly had loved the night, the wild, alcohol fueled nights. The ones where he would wake in the morning, or even the morning after that, to just repeat the night before. He was known to be the life of the party, everyone wanted him to stay by the end of the night, to never leave; but when he woke up one morning, he had found out the price of the night.

He still loves the night, but everything’s changed now. He now drinks blood, but only to keep himself alive; alcohol having little to no effect on him, so there’s no harm in adding alcohol into the mix. He just supposes it’s a waste.

But it’s all a waste isn’t it? He has to fear the night, fear the day, fearfor his life. He now lives in the shadows, cast by his brothers.

The hair, they all comment on the hair, it’s all he has in common with his family. Renly feels trapped, trapped by these people, his family, by this sorry excuse of a king, by blood.

He’s living and not much else. Or is he? He doesn’t really know what he is, all he knows is he’s here and breathing, trying to get by.

They say your heart stops beating once you turn, that it is deemed void, but Renly can still feel his heart in his chest, a heavy weight, waiting for the day he’ll hear a small thud thud of life.

He has a craving for life, for family, for love. He waits for the day he can feel love, experience it, but he knows that how he is now, there’s such a little chance of that, he might as well give up.

He’s been pushed down, he’s been used, his been forgotten. He knows what it’s like to be in the crowd, to be one of thousands, to be another.

He can see it now, the fighting, the bloodshed, all for a power. Renly doesn’t know what will happen to them all, to himself; all he knows is he wants it to be over, for them to speak up, to rise against this madness.

War Of Ashes RPa modern robert’s rebellion vampire roleplay.

7th Jul